Evening meal

• The same as lunch, provided that you vary your choice of meat and vegetables.
• Your evening meal may not include meat eaten at lunchtime (in other words, do not eat 200 grams of meat instead of 100 grams).


• A maximum of two Grissini sticks or the same quantity of light, crispy bread per day.
• A maximum of two green apples or two oranges (no mandarins) or an apple and an orange a day.
• Two full cups of fat-free broth a day.


• Coffee, tea (all kinds), mineral water with or without carbonic acid (still or sparkling), refreshing light drinks with less than one calorie per 100 cm3 and tap water (refreshing with a slice of lemon) are all permitted drinks. The consumption of alcohol is of course not permitted. The same applies to Rivella.
• Make sure that you drink at least two litres a day of the permitted drinks listed above.

Forbidden foods

• Protein: everything, that is not listed above, such as trout, salmon, eel, mussels, tuna, herring, dried or salted fish, game, venison, pork, lamb and giblets.
• Vegetables: all peas and beans, carrots, zucchini, eggplant, green beans and French beans. These all contain too much sugar, which is converted into fat.
• Herbs: Maggi seasoning, sweet soy sauce, mustard, mixtures of herbs, such as Aromat, meat and chicken seasoning.
• Milk products: All milk products, such as (butter-) milk, yoghurt, quark and cheese.
• Sweet goods: All sweet products, chewing gum, cough sweets, cough syrup and all types of biscuits.


All cosmetic articles that contain fat, oil, creams or ointments must be eliminated from your diet. These include day and night creams, cream soap, cream rinses, lip balm and bath oil. Your usual fat-containing day and night creams may be replaced with a fat-free skin care product,Eye make-up and lipstick are permitted. Deodorant spray is also permitted. Wash your hands with soap if you accidentally come into contact with greasy or oily substances. Toothpastes of all brands are permissible.

Use of prescription medication

The FOOD & FIT programme does not have any side effects. You can continue taking your prescription medication as usual, including contraceptive pills. However, people with certain illnesses are advised to prepare carefully before commencing on the FOOD & FIT weight management system. For example, if you have diabetes, you may need to reduce your intake of medicine to combat hypoglycaemia, because you are not consuming any carbohydrates or sugar. Please liaise with your FOOD & FIT consultant or with your medical practitioner. Blood pressure and cholesterol-reducing medication may also be required. This too should be discussed with your FOOD & FIT consultant or your medical practitioner.

Increased movement and exercise

The FOOD & FIT programme allows you to continue your normal work routine and participate in sport and recreation. Sport can help you strike the right balance between burning off fat and building up muscle tissue. Depending on your fitness levels, we recommend that you exercise for up to 30 to 45 minutes every day (or twice a week for one and a half hours). If you are not used to exercising on a regular basis, gradually build up your training regime. In the unlikely event that you feel faint during exercise, eat an extra half of one green apple. Increasing movement is hugely important in boosting your metabolism.  Exercise does more than just burn calories. It reduces your sensitivity to insulin and enables you to control your blood sugar level. In addition, it increases the antioxidants in your body, as well as the quantity and function of the mitochondrial, the small energy-producers in your body cells. This allows you to burn even more calories. The more you exercise, the less prone you are to inflammation and stress. After physical exertion, your body is often more relaxed, because you have eliminated all the stress. Increased movement and exercise is an effective way of achieving your ideal weight as well as a healthy metabolism.

Overcoming stress

In times of stress, the body produces stress hormones. This means that insulin is restricted in its function. Your metabolism slows down and your weight increases. When you are relaxed, your metabolism is boosted and you lose weight. You are now in a better position to control your blood sugar levels. Relaxation is a good weight loss strategy. Sleep is also an important factor in reducing and eliminating stress. Most people do not get enough sleep. Sleep is an excellent way to lose weight. Multivitamin Capsules, part of the FOOD & FIT programme, are beneficial in reducing stress and helps you get a good night’s rest.

Phase 1: Diet Phase


The first phase of the FOOD & FIT programme is the Diet Phase, which spans 27 days. In this phase of the programme, you take the recommended 24 L-Carnitin liquid ampoules. On Day 1 and 2, before you start the actual diet, you take one ampoule per day. In order to increase your normal fat reserves, we recommend that you consume as much fat-rich food as possible during these first two days. Feelings of hunger will subside after two days, enabling you to start the diet on the third day. From the third day onwards, you also start taking the Multivitamin capsules: One capsule on the third day and two capsules daily on subsequent days. To sustain a successful diet plan, you should drink two litres of water a day, in addition to the ampoules and capsules. This ensures that superfluous fat reserves, in which waste products are stored, are excreted in urine. The use of fat, oil, ointments and creams during the diet phase is forbidden, since these impair the effectiveness of the plan. Additional information regarding the use of cosmetics is included further on in this instruction. After taking the last ampoule, continue the diet for another three days. It takes three days for the L-Carnitin liquid to leave your body. The next phase of the programme is the Stabilization Phase (Phase 2).

Taking the L-Carnitin liquid

Take an ampoule, hold it upright and with a finger carefully tap the liquid from the tip of the ampoule, ensuring that the liquid trickles down into the main part of the ampoule. Now hold the ampoule tightly with both hands and break off the tip (pointing towards you). Take a pipette, squeeze it together and insert it into the ampoule. Now use it to suck out the contents of the ampoule. This L-Carnitin liquid must be taken orally once a day, at least 15 minutes before a meal. Hold the liquid under your tongue for at least one minute before swallowing it.
Note: If stored correctly, the L-Carnitin liquid can be safely taken up to the date shown on the packaging. Store the liquid in a cool and dark place, not in a refrigerator. Please ensure that the liquid is kept away from children, a microwave oven or other sources of radiation. The recommended dose must not be exceeded.

Taking the Multivitamin capsules

To enable your body to eliminate waste and to absorb the necessary vitamins and mineral substances, it is essential that you take vitamin and mineral supplements. We recommend that you continue taking a  multivitamin preparation after completion of the Diet Phase. Addition information is available from your FOOD & FIT consultant, or by visiting www.foodandfit.ch. In the Diet Phase, you will take one capsule twice a day at meal times. After the Diet Phase, take one capsule once a day at meal times. You will notice that your urine turns yellow. This is caused by vitamin B2 and is entirely normal. During the programme, avoid all vitamin preparations that contain sugar or fat. You can continue taking multivitamin preparation after you have completed the programme.
Note: If stored correctly, the capsules can be safely taken up to the date stated on the (outer) packaging. The product is not suitable for children and must be kept out of their reach.


The Diet Phase (Phase 1) is based on healthy meals that contain virtually no fat or carbohydrates. There are many variations, as described in below:


• Before you eat or drink anything, drink 100 ml of water with 3 tablespoons of lemon juice. Alternatively, consume one litre of water with 4 tablespoons of lemon juice within 30 minutes. This accelerates fat loss.
• Coffee or tea may be consumed without sugar. Sweetener is allowed, but avoid coffee cream or milk.
• If so desired, you may also eat an apple or orange.


• 100 grams of raw beef or veal, steak, roast beef, breast of chicken, white fish (sole, cod, plaice, Pollack, monkfish, crab, prawns, shrimps, crayfish or oysters, with as many vegetables as you wish (see the list of permitted vegetables).
° Remove all visible fat using a fork or rubber gloves (avoid contact with your hands).
° “Butcher’s Steak“ contains 15 percent fat and should be avoided. You can make your own beef tartar using a food processor.
° To prepare the dish, use a microwave, grill, oven or a non-stick pan. Avoid using fat-rich butter & oil.
• As a quick, cold snack, take a maximum of one hundred grams of grilled roast beef or smoked meat (prepared meat products) or smoked breast of chicken (one small piece, not a prepared meat product) with a bowl of vegetables or salad.
• Twice a week, eat 1 egg and 2 egg whites as a healthy meat substitute.
• Vegetarians and vegans can use tofu or Tempé as a meat substitute.
• Vegetables: The following types of vegetables can be consumed in unlimited quantities:
• Any leafy vegetable, such as salad, spinach, chicory, leek, Pak-Choi, endive and mangelwurzel.• All types of cabbage, such as sauerkraut, (curly) kale, pointed cabbage, red, white and green cabbage, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts.
• Tomatoes, bean sprouts, celery, kohlrabi and other bulbous vegetables, fennel, onions, radishes, asparagus and beetroot.
• Mushrooms, chillies, artichokes.
• Cucumbers can be eaten in unlimited quantities throughout the day.
• Use only fresh or frozen vegetables (except red cabbage). Do not use canned food.
• Fresh lemon juice may be used in the preparation of the above menus. Likewise, you may wish to use vinegar (all types), salt and spices and seasoning, such as pepper, ground paprika, nutmeg and garlic. Fresh and dried garden vegetables, such as thyme, chervil, chives, dill, basil, Maggi herb/lovage and parsley are also permitted, as are chilli flakes. These herbs and vegetables can also be used in mixtures (for example in a dressing).