In what way does FOOD & FIT programme differ from other diet programmes?

Fast, effective and simple
The FOOD & FIT programme works quickly and provides effective results.
Completely natural
The FOOD & FIT programme is a completely natural method. It contains no chemical appetite suppressants or other substances foreign to the body.
Stay fit and happy
Even though you are reducing your calorie intake the FOOD & FIT programme helps you feel fit and active. Unlike other diets, the FOOD & FIT diet is easy to sustain. Furthermore, this diet does not affect your work routine.
Only abnormal, superfluous fat is removed
Above all,  the FOOD & FIT programme helps you lose weight in target areas, such as the stomach, hips, buttocks and thighs – and without the loss of muscle tone. In other words:  The FOOD & FIT programme helps shape your figure.
A lasting and satisfying result
FOOD & FIT is a short-term programme. This ensures that your metabolism is not impaired, and that the infamous yo-yo effect is less likely to occur.

How does the FOOD & FIT programme work?

FOOD & FIT is conducted under the supervision of a certified FOOD & FIT consultant and consists of three phases:
Phase 1:  Diet phase
Phase 2:  Stabilization phase
Phase 3:  Lifestyle phase

Before you begin the programme, you will be asked to arrange a convenient time for a personal consultation with a certified FOOD & FIT consultant. The consultation focuses on a number of key issues:
Case history: You inform the consultant of your medical history and discuss any concerns, which might affect the programme.
Metabolism: The consultant determines how many calories your body burns at rest.
Fat mass: The consultant calculates your body fat mass and permissible body fat percentage.
BMI:  The consultant calculates your body mass index and the degree to which you are overweight.
Water:  The consultant compares the hydration level of your body to the normal value.
Ideal values: Together with your consultant, you decide your ideal weight and body fat percentage.

Once you have been accepted onto the programme, you will see the consultant three or four times. This ensures that your progress can be measured, and that any queries or problems you may have can be addressed.


What is obesity?

Research has shown that there are “three types“ of fat. The first type is structural fat, which fills the space between the various organs of the body. It is a type of packing material, which keeps the skin soft and smooth. The second type is a normal reserve of fuel upon which the body draws when the actual chyme does not contain adequate fat to meet your body’s requirements. Excess sugar is stored here temporarily as fat and is readily available to the body when blood sugar levels fall (the active fat cells). We also burn this fat in cold weather, or when our body is under severe strain. The third type of fat is stored in obesity cells that have become inactive: In the hips, upper thighs, in the stomach and in the upper arms. If a person eats more sugar or starch a day than his or her body requires, the sugar in these zones is stored as fat. This ‘unhealthy’ fat causes obesity (the state of being overweight). Unlike many other diet programmes, the FOOD & FIT programme is highly effective in reducing this third type of fat. When blood sugar levels fall, the fat from these obese, inactive cells is converted directly into sugar to stabilize blood sugar levels. However, in order for this to occur, sugar and starch consumption must be kept to a minimum (Diet). The majority of weight loss methods achieve a reduction in the first two types of fat. Once these have been exhausted, the body begins to burn up its abnormal reserves. Since this is accompanied by an enormous reduction in blood sugar content, the person feels hungry and tired, looks hollow and drawn, and loses muscle tone. Consequently, the diet is abandoned prematurely. These diets are renowned for their yo-yo effect. This is not the case with  the FOOD & FIT programme.

What are the elements of the FOOD & FIT programme?

The FOOD & FIT programme is a completely safe and natural programme. It contains no hormones or chemical components, which are foreign to the body. The programme is premised on the belief that a low fat, low carbohydrate diet can help you achieve weight loss. The diet is based on the consumption of healthy foods,  liquid form L-Carnitin and Mulitvitamin supplementation. Multivitamin capsules must be taken on a daily basis, together with an optimal dose of  liquid form L-Carnitine. L-Carnitine is a naturally occurring amino acid. It works as an antioxidant and plays an important role in the energy production of cells.  It helps transport fatty acids into the mitochondria and facilitates optimal burning. The quantity of L-Carnitine normally produced by our body is insufficient for optimal fat burning. Additional, daily supplementation of L-Carnitine is therefore required.

What are the benefits of  the FOOD & FIT programme?

The FOOD & FIT programme offers a number of key benefits . It is:
• effective;
• safe;
• easy to take;
• natural;
• hormone-free.